Subhapriya was introduced to music at the age of two by her parents Smt. Radha & Thiruvaiyaru Sri S. R. Krishnan. Her Father and foremost Guru is himself a noteworthy singer and composer of critical acclaim and is most renowned for his expositions of Divya Naamasankeertanam. Her paternal grandfather, Kumaramangalam Sri SrinivasaRaghavan, a contemporary of Sri GNB & Sri Madurai Mani Iyer, was a well-known composer with hundreds of compositions to his credit, and her maternal grandfather was an authority on Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitarkritis. Her mother, a vocalist & musicologist in her own right, continues to be Subhapriya’s inspiration and iis responsible for Subhapriya’s impressive repertoire of over 1000 traditional carnatic compositions.

Subhapriya began performing with her sisters Padmapriya & Vedapriya (Harini) as a trio-more popularly known as The Krishnan Sisters – at age five in Chennai in many prestigious venues, All India Radio, and Doordharshan. She later underwent extensive training with Sangeeta Kalanidhi (Late)Professor S. Ramanathan with her sisters and has performed alone and as a trio in Europe, India and the U.S. She has also had the privilege of briefly learning under Vairamangalalm Sri Lakshminarayanan and Sangeeta Kalanidhi Palghat Sri K.V.Narayanaswamy.

A resident of the bay area, she has coordinated numerous concerts and music festivals and is one of the core founder-volunteers of the bay area classical music organization SVLOTUS, founded in the year 2000. She has performed for operas and dance dramas including her father’s grand tamizh opera production entitled “SaranamAyyappa” and has composed for and directed many of scholar, PadmasriPu.Thi. Narasimhachar’s musical dance-dramas and operas. She heads a spiritual organization called SGM (sad-AcAra-gnyAna-maNDali) to help promote the practices of sanatanadharma and educate the next generation.

She regularly conducts music lecture-demonstrations on many intricate topics in Carnatic Music and spirituality.

Although from a traditional and classical music background, Subhapriya has learned, performed and been exposed to various forms of vocal music including Jazz & Blues, Gospel Rock, Western classical, Hindustani Classical, Indian film and ghazal/Qawali. Her love of languages and ability to speak 4 Indian languages (and fluent French) serves to help further her interest in poetry and prose, making the enjoyment of music even more facile.

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