Subhada Tai
Shubhada Paradkar is a name well-known to the music lovers throughout the country and abroad. Both the critics and the “Rasiks” remember her for “Aggressive Gayaki” and proficiency in the “Layakari” which is rarely seen in the women vocalists today. Her concerts are full of lively interaction with the rhythm and also she makes excellent use of semi-classical varieties like Thumri, Bhajan. ‘Tappa’ is her another Ace in the concert.
Critics have always praised her through their writings. Mohan Nadkarni, the well-known critic rightly noted in Times of India many years ago, “She seems to have what it takes to feature in the Gallery of veterans from the younger generation. Even while she demonstrated tremendous Tayyari in her Raag-renditions her recital afforded great satisfaction .Her singing was emotionally fulfilling and intellectually appealing.” R. N. Verma in Hindustan Times stated,  “Groomed by turns in the Agra and Gwalior tradition of Khayal Gayaki Shubhada’s exposition of the former in the elaborate Alaap was authentic and pleasing. There was exquisite Layakari in the Taans, bol taans and saragams, which swayed with the tempo of the beats. The embellishments were so well arranged as to enable the “Sama” to fall in place almost automatically as it were”. To sum  up, all the critics have agreed that she has a sweet and pliable voice and a good command over layakari.
“She displayed complete mastery over the intricate layakari of Agra Gharana and complex Phirat taans of Jaipur Gharana. Her intonation was quite forceful; nobody can deny its impact. She placed emphasis on a lively interaction between rhythm and melody. Her sense of rhythm is quite acute and sharp. Her taankriya is impressive. One marveled at the speed and ease with which she unleashed her fast and forceful taans. They invested her music with power and verve,” The famous musicologist Dr. Srirang Sangoram described, “ Landing on the ‘Sama’ accurately and that too with different patterns every time is not at all an easy task. Maintaining the purity of Raga and displaying diversity at every step in the complex bol taans, concurrently preserving the beauty and the magnificence of the ‘Bandish’ displays her versatility.” He also honoured her with “Pandita” title.
While her formal music instructions include a M.A. (Music) degree from S.N.D.T. University Mumbai, she has also had the benefit of individual tuitions from different Gurus at different points of her career. She was trained by Pt. R. D. Potdar (Kirana Gharana) and Pt. Madhusudan Joshi (Agra Gharana) both at Baroda. Subsequently the famous violinist and vocalist Late Pt. Gajananrao Joshi trained and imparted her Gwalior and Jaipur Gharana styles. It was during this period that her art really was given a specific concrete direction. Pt. Babanrao Haldankar (Agra Gharana) and Smt. Padmavati Shaligram Gokhale (Jaipur Gharana) have also trained her for long time.
Pandita Shubhada Paradkar therefore possesses the unique distinction of learning under all the four major Gharanas of Hindustani Classical Music, which has made her distinctive in the present generation of the artistes.
She was regularly guiding senior students in S. N. D. T. University, Mumbai and Lalit Kala Kendra at Pune University through her workshops and Lecture Demonstrations. She has guided students in Bangkok Singapore and Mauritius.
She has has traveled all over the country and abroad for performances. She has given memorable performances at many prestigious music conferences and festivals like Sujan Sangeet Samaroh, Alladiya Khan Sangeet Samaroh and Gharana Sammelan Vileparle (in Mumbai), Doverlane Conference (Kolkata), Sawai Gandharva Sammelan (Pune and Kundgol), Taansen Samaroh (Gwalior), Phoenix Festival (Pune), Balasahab Puchhwale Festival (Indore and Gwalior), Devgandharva Samaroh (Kalyan) etc.
She was appreciated by the music lovers all over the country through various awards and honors.
She is currently based in Aurangabad (Maharashtra) and keeps shuttling between her home and Mumbai on regular basis to train her numerous talented disciples. Her long list of disciples underlines the fact that she is a dedicated teacher.