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NYPD: 13-year-old Syles Ular stabbed to death on MTA bus on Staten Island, teen in custody

14-year-old in custody in stabbing death of 13-year-old boy on MTA bus
14-year-old in custody in stabbing death of 13-year-old boy on MTA bus 01:57

NEW YORK -- A 13-year-old boy was stabbed on an MTA bus and later died Friday on Staten Island

A 14-year-old boy was arrested and charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon, police said. 

The stabbing happened just after 2:30 p.m. as the bus was on Hyland Boulevard near Littlefield Avenue in the Eltingville neighborhood. 

Witnesses said the 13-year-old boy was riding the bus when the other teenager got on, and the two started yelling at each other.

"Witnesses state there's an argument on a bus. A knife is produced, and gang signs were being shown back and forth," NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell said.

The older teenager then allegedly stabbed the 13-year-old in the chest.

"The other kid who got stabbed was sitting on the bus with us, like a few seats ahead of us, and the other kid walks in and they started yelling at each other. I guess they knew each other, had beef or something. And he walked over, pulled a knife out of his pocket, grabbed him and started stabbing him. They started like wrestling back and forth, and just kept stabbing him and stabbing him until he left the bus and ran off," said another teen who was on the bus. 

According to witnesses, the younger teen then stumbled off the bus and called for help.

"He screamed, 'Help, someone call the cops, I can't breathe,'" the teenage witness said.

The assailant took off running.

"He was very fidgety and he kept staring back down and looking all around and dipping, then he made a left," witness Anthony Esemplaire said. "This is one of the safest neighborhoods. I've never seen anything like this go on." 

The NYPD said two passersby, a state environmental conservation officer and a retired NYPD sergeant, tracked down the 14-year-old suspect before police arrived.

"The retired sergeant starts to follow the male who did the stabbing. At this time, another witness points him out and says, 'This person just stabbed somebody,' and the sergeant effects the arrest," Chell said.

The teen who was stabbed was rushed to a local hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. He was identified as Syles Ular, of Staten Island.

Investigators scoured the scene for evidence Friday and were reviewing video from cameras on the bus. 

Meanwhile, the MTA said the bus driver was traumatized.

"He's broken up right now from what he experienced," said Demetrius Crichlow, with the MTA.

Police believe the stabbing may have been gang-related.

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